I’m Sick :(

My asthma has really taken a toll on me the past few days. Since Sunday I have been on bed rest and binge watching Netflix. Not that much different to last week actually. Oh well.

If any of you suffer from asthma you will know that the cold, winter months can make your symptoms a whole lot worse. Obviously, I’m not a doctor so if you feel that you need help or your symptoms are restricting you from doing things you want or need to do, make sure you see a professional.

Since I’m literally surrounded by ten billion stuffed animals and have five boxes of tissues next to me I thought there was not a better time to write a blog post updating you on the life of Erin!

I started high school. Yeah. Shows how much I update this blog. Sorry:)

Let me tell you, starting high school was really scary. And I mean REALLY scary. However I feel that I’ve now settled in and I’m LOVING IT! If any of you are starting high school next year or maybe you just started and are still feeling nervous about it, don’t worry!

I’ve been especially loving home economics and I’ve learnt how to bake and cook so many different things. We’ve made pizza, cupcakes, pasta, crispy cakes and everything in between. It’s been amazing! I’ve also been loving art recently. Over the last few months of primary school and throughout the summer holidays art has been my favourite thing to do. I love taking out my sketchbook and pencils or my canvases and paints and just letting my imagination run free.

There’s still P.E though. Don’t get me wrong I love my teacher and the people in my class but as everyone knows… I don’t do sport.

There we go! That’s my little life update, I hope you enjoyed reading and I will speak (or rather,write) to you next time!

Erin xxx


Owning Guinea Pigs: For Complete Newbies!

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to write a post about owning guinea pigs. I get a lot of questions about this topic and it really frustrates me when people give wrong information ( I’ve literally heard someone say, ”NEVER give a guinea pig hay, It can kill them!” ) So here we go, here are my tips and advice for owning your first piggies!

Understanding what it takes to own them!

Guinea pigs are very fragile pets and need a lot of care and attention. Guinea pigs are much happier in pairs, so it is essential you buy two guinea pigs. You will constantly need to buy hay, pellets and bedding, which can get very pricey. They need lots of regular exercise and a large cage/hutch. You will also have to spend A LOT of time with them but they are extremely rewarding.

Boys or girls?

My guinea pigs are boys, but I personally don’t think there is any difference between the genders. The only thing I can say is that boys tend to fight a lot more and it’s possible they might not get along in the future if not taken care of properly. However girls can be the same. It all depends on the individual guinea pig.


As I said, guinea pigs can be very pricey pets. Here are some things you will always need to have in order to care for them.

  1. Hay. Hay. HAY!! Hay makes up around 80% of a piggies diet. Because guinea pigs are herbivores, not having hay can result in fatal conditions and can cause their teeth to overgrow, which can be very painful.
  2. Pellets and Fresh Water: I don’t think I need to explain this one… (I use the ‘Selective’ brand pellets.)
  3. 1+ Hidey Houses. Depending on the size of the cage or how many guinea pigs you have. These are important as it gives your guinea pig a sense of safety, shelter and a cozy place to sleep and graze on hay.
  4. Suitable Bedding. I recommend woodshavings or fleece. I personally use both and the piggies love it! Please don’t use straw as it can poke their eyes and it isn’t very good for them.
  5. Vegetables. These are extremely important as a guinea pigs body does not produce Vitamin C. They need this Vitamin to keep them healthy. A few of Rook and Ravens favourites include; Curly Kale, Yellow peppers, Cauliflower leaves, Broccoli, Carrots ( as an occasional treat ) and Spinach leaves. 

Daily Checklist

  • Clean the food bowl and water bottle if needed
  • Give your new guinea pigs fresh hay, water and pellets.
  • Remove any uneaten hay or pellets
  • Give your pigs access to a play pen or have some floor time with them for a few hours a day.
  • Make sure your piggies get fresh vegetables to give them a daily dose of vitamin C, which keeps them healthy.

Quick Tips

  • Never feed a guinea pig citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons as this can cause swelling of their mouth and tongue.
  • Don’t feed your guinea pigs cucumber, this can give them a tummy ache.
  • Guinea Pigs are prey animals, making them naturally squirmish. ( Is that even a word?! ) Don’t be worried if your guinea pig gets scared very easily, it’s extremely normal.

Well, I’ve got to go now, the piggies are squeaking for their veg!

Bye for now,

Erin xx

Common Misconceptions About Pescetarians

Hey everyone,

It turns out I’m not dead. Who would’ve thought it?

In case you didn’t already know, I’m a Pescetarian and have been for seven months now. ( yeah, seriously. ) Today I wanted to address the common misconceptions people usually make about me and other Pescetarians. This post is in no way trying to push my beliefs on you or anyone else.

A Pescetarian is someone who doesn’t eat any meat other than seafood. A Vegetarian who eats fish, basically. Here we go!

1. ”You don’t care about fish. You’re clearly not an animal lover if you eat fish.”

I can totally see where people are coming from with this one but I think people need to hear us out before they make this judgement. The only reason I eat fish is because I don’t feel that I’m ready to become a vegetarian yet. I’m slowly trying to wean myself off seafood, but for now, I’m happy with my diet and I’m doing a lot more for animal rights than I would be If I ate meat.

2. ”Not eating meat can make you ill.”

I just DO NOT understand this one. It’s been proven that pescetarians, vegetarians and vegans have a much lower risk of developing bowel cancer, and being obese. The study found that people who had a diet including fish and vegetables (but no meat) were 43% LESS LIKELY to develop the disease. Oh. I got all scientific there.

3. ”You don’t eat meat because you don’t like how it tastes.”

Seriously? I can’t speak for everyone but most of us don’t eat meat because we think it’s extremely wrong to kill animals for food supply. While there are some meats that I don’t like (such as beef. Ugghh) I don’t eat it because that cow used to be a living being. It used to have feelings, thoughts and a family. I refuse to give my money and support to a company who does that to innocent creatures.

I hope this post has perhaps cleared up some misconceptions that you or anyone else thought. If you didn’t think any of these ( thank you:) ) then I hope it entertained you in some way.

Bye for now,

Erin xx

100 Things To Do Before I Die: Part One 

Hello! Long time no see!

1. Be a makeup artist for a West End Production

2. Be a makeup artist for a film

3. Write an article for Vogue

4. Help fight world Hunger

5. Be a part of Children in Need and visit poor kids all around the world

6. Attend a Dior Fashion Show

7. Attend a Chanel fashion show

8. And finally, attend a Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show

9. Travel to hospitals and meet people fighting Cancer, and are going through Chemotherapy

10. Meet Miley Cyrus:)

11. Do my high school work experience in a makeup counter

12. Take a holiday in Vegas

13. Take a holiday in Paris

14. Climb the Eiffel Tower

15. Meet and interview Pat McGrath 

Erin xx


Raven and Rook

Today I want to share some adorable pictures of my brand New Guinea pigs! 

I’ve had them since the 8th of April, they are an early birthday present! They are the cutest guinea pigs ever, but they certainly are messy! 

Sorry the pictures are taken when the cage is closed. Not enough time has passed until I can start handling them. 



 P.S. Raven is the mostly black guinea pig and rook is the black and white guinea pig! 

Erin xx



( updated photos ) 



Movie Review: Insurgent ( 2015 )

Has it really been 3 months? I guess it has😦

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to review the second movie in the divergent trilogy, Insurgent. Before I start I want to mention that I did enjoy this movie a lot and to be honest, I did think it was better than the first movie. What are your thoughts on the new addition to the trilogy?


Now that they are faction-less and on the run from Jeanine ( leader of the Erudite faction ) Tris, Tobias, Peter, Caleb and Marcus take shelter in Amity. However Tris and Tobias are soon recognized as Divergent fugitives and they are on the run once again. This time they take shelter in Candor and a whole load of drama and action ensues.

Get ready for simulations, serums, love and so much more in Insurgent!

Is it worth seeing?

Of course! I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews for this movie because they have decided to take important parts from the book and change them or leave them out altogether. But do you really expect it to be exactly the same? If it was, there would be no point in watching it anyway, would there?

Rating out of ten

Em… ten! While I do agree there are some parts in the movie that would maybe be better left out, it was a lot of fun to watch. It is definitely one of my favourite movies and it’s sure worth a watch. I do recommend you read the books first if you haven’t already though, you won’t regret it!

– ERIN xx 

This Is Why Your Awesome 😃

Hey everyone,
I recently received a comment from That Chic Fashion Blog letting me know she tagged me to take part in the #takebackwhatsyours Campaign.
In simple terms, the whole point of the campaign is; self confidence and to remind people how awesome they are. 😜 but if you would like a full set of rules for the campaign, here they are.

*write a blog post about this campaign, the message it contains and why you are taking part

*share the #takebackwhatsyours resolution

*tag 10 bloggers to take part

*if you can- include a photo of yourself with a handmade poster with the words #takebackwhatsyours!

🎀 Mine can be found at the bottom of this post 🎀

I think this is an awesome idea and hopefully I’ll enjoy writing it! Although the blog post I read dedicated the reasons to just bloggers, it’s not in the rules. So I’m also going to include some of my friends!

1. But I have to start of with That Chic Fashion Blog for tagging me. That, in itself is an awesome thing to do and I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through your blog too! ( I’m a poet and I don’t know it! Okay, lame joke )

2. Next I want to mention my friend Olivia. ( I have permission to use her first name )
She is such an amazing person and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. She makes me laugh when I feel down and smile when I’m upset. I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that a while ago I wasn’t happy at all. She is one of the main reasons I’m happy now.
She is always helping me out when I can’t do something, or when I’m overwhelmed. I’ve also lost a lot of my ‘best friends’ because they kept a lot of secrets from me. And while I don’t want you blurting out your innermost thoughts in front of me, she’s always told me the truth and has never kept things I needed to know from me. She is so much fun to have around and I’m sure I’ll have lots more amazing memories with her in the future.
This list is getting really long and I sound really soppy, but I could go on forever! Olivia, I thank you, for being truly awesome!

3. Now, my friend Anna. ( I have permission to use her first name )
Where do I begin!? You are honestly one of the most kind and caring people I know and are always there when I need you. I’ve never argued with you and I’m sure I never will.
Once again, you make me laugh when I’m upset and you always have a way to make me smile. I really admire your positive view on everything you do. You see the good in everything and everyone and I honestly wish I could do that. I also love how you’re not afraid to be who you are. You shrug off all of the negative comments and just do your thing! It’s really easy for other people to be theirselves around you too, you love everyone! And for that, Anna, you are truly awesome!

4. Finally I want to mention Felicia from thoughtfulmindsunited.com because I love reading her blogs! She has had a lot of blogs and websites in the past and it’s amazing how she has managed to write on all of them and keep track! She has also given me the opportunity to design a header/logo for her blog connectandpost.com.
So, Felicia, I thank you for being awesome!

Okay, I’m gonna bend the rules a little. Although The rules say to tag 10 bloggers, I’m going to tag all of YOU, that’s right, YOU. If your reading this and you have a blog, you are now officially tagged.
Consider yourself privileged.
So go ahead and write your post, I can’t wait to read it!

Erin x